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Blindside is a project by me, Robert Ross, or as people like call me: Bobby Tables. I enjoy creating and hosting in-depth guides on technology that excites me with videos and written content. This is where you can find all of the content I've written and produced.

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I write full blown courses and short blog posts.

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Why is it called "Blindside"?

I've always had an interest in bleeding edge technology. When technology is in its early hype stages or existing technology has lost a lot of charm with the small things it can do, I consider this tech to be on your blindside. Hence the name.

Who are you?

My name is Robert Ross, but people like to call me Bobby Tables. I'm a full time staff software engineer at Namely where I work on the architecture team. I write Go and Ruby primarily but can swing some Javascript if need be. In a past life I was a full-time PHP developer.

I'm very active on Github and Twitter as well.

In the past I have also taught at General Assembly. I was the TA for the very first Ruby on Rails part-time course and taught it 5 more times afterward. I also was the teacher for the first part-time Javascript class they hosted. Long story short, I love to teach and this website helps me scratch that itch.